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ICF   [See Internet Connection Firewall]
ICMP (Internet Control Message Protocol)
       allowing traffic through ICF firewall  
       Echo Request messages
               sent by ping  
               sent by tracert command  
       creating your own  
               Microangelo program  
       customizing folder icons  
       deleting from desktop  
       free, download site  
       Notification Area, hiding all in  
       removing "unremovable" from desktop  
       system objects, changing on desktop  
IE   [See Internet Explorer]
IIS   [See Internet Information Services]
               ImageConverter.EXE, using  
               IrfanView program, using  
               PowerDesk, using  
       file formats, screen captures saved to Photo Editor  
       Google searches for  
       sharing with whiteboard   [See whiteboard]
implicit consent vs. explicit consent (for use of personal information)  
importing cookies from Internet Explorer  
Index of Known Spyware (web page)  
Indexing Service utility  
       noise filter, editing  
       query language  
               searching using properties  
               searching with operators and expressions  
       ranking search results  
installing programs, changing default location for  
instant messaging   [See messaging Windows Messenger]
interference with WiFi equipment, avoiding  
Internet Connection Firewall (ICF)  
       email, problems with ICF  
       spyware and  
       tracking activity with ICF log  
       Trojan horses, inability to protect against  
        unsolicited inbound traffic, allowing through  
               customizing default service settings  
               file sharing, allowing  
               services that can be allowed to bypass ICF  
Internet connections   [See networking residential gateways]
Internet Explorer  
       cookie handling
               exporting or backing up cookies  
               privacy settings, effects of  
       cookie settings, customizing  
        cookie-based advertising networks, opting out of  
       customizing with Group Policy Editor  
               connection settings  
               IE settings you can modify  
               programs setting  
               security settings  
                user interface  
       hiding desktop icon  
       pop ups, stopping  
               alternative browsers, using  
       proxy server, configuring to use  
       reading web pages offline  
       Search Companion, improving  
               with Google Toolbar  
       web bugs , blocking  
       web bugs, program to alert you about  
Internet Information Services (IIS)  
       MMC snap-in for site administration  
       redirecting incoming incorrect URLs  
       redirecting your site to a URL  
Internet searches  
       Google Toolbar, using  
       metasearch software  
Internet services
       firewalls, problems with  
       port addresses for  
       port forwarding, enabling on residential gateways  
       using separate proxy servers for  
IP addresses
       DHCP-assigned, renewing  
       of DNS and mail servers, getting with netsh  
       hostname resolution to  
               HOSTS file, using for  
               ping, using  
       mapping hostname to dynamic IP adress  
       release and renewal with ipconfig  
       for remote clients connecting through dial-up, DSL, or cable  
       on residential gateway networks  
IP protocols   [See protocols]
ipconfig utility  
       releasing and renewing DHCP-assigned IP addresses  
       troubleshooting TCP/IP problems  
               command-line switches, listing of  
IPSec protocol, use by VPNs  
IPX/SPX with NetBIOS (alternative to NetBEUI)  
IrfanView program  

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