It s simple. To make it to the top of the pay scale, you must make yourself invaluable to your employer. Unfortunately, most programmers or aspiring programmers lack that critical it factor, the savvy that makes employers and clients stand up and take notice. This book will show you how to stand out from the pack, how to become indispensable , how to succeed as a highly paid corporate programmer.

Are you ready to improve your career? Do you have the desire to make it to the top? Would you like to know what it takes to earn elite programming status ”the highest title, the best compensation, the most responsibility, authority, and respect? The answers to all these questions ”and more ”await you inside. Paul Harkins has helped programmers just like you capitalize on their talents and earn major success in corporate programming. You can even apply his time- tested principles to become a sought-after, highly paid consultant or entrepreneur. Whatever your ultimate goal, the time to start is now.

Throughout his career, Paul has contributed to the success of thousands of programmers worldwide. Today, some are even millionaires. To gain the edge, all you need is a willingness to focus intensely, to develop a career plan, and to employ the techniques presented in this book. With it, you too can make it to the top!

This incredible book will teach you the skills needed to:

  • Make the right decisions in your career
  • Manage the interview process
  • Code for success
  • Focus on what s important (and avoid what isn t)
  • Find and cultivate a mentor
  • Start a new job with skill
  • Develop a career as a programming consultant
  • Know what your boss expect of you (most programmers are clueless)
  • Beat the rest when a company s technical interviewer judges programming candidates
  • Avoid frequently made blunders (in technique, relationships, and attitude)
  • Master millions of lines of complex code

About the Author

Paul H. Harkins, president and chief technology officer of Harkins Audit Software, Inc., holds BS and MBA degrees from Drexel University and is a graduate of the IBM Systems Research Institute (SRI). He has worked as a corporate programmer for more than 40 years, including 21 years at IBM.

Mr. Harkins is experienced in all the ins-and-outs of corporate programming from his perspective as a programmer, a consultant, a senior systems engineer, and a C-level executive. His background includes handling programming for hundreds of customer accounts worldwide and creating one-of-a-kind business systems for IBM.

Mr. Harkins is further experienced as a programming entrepreneur responsible for product development and international support.

How to Become a Highly Paid Corporate Programmer
How to Become a Highly Paid Corporate Programmer
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