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Radio ( weblogging software)  
rating element (rss091:rating)   2nd  
raw content, transformation of  
raw RSS  
RDDL natures document  
RDF (Resource Description Framework)   2nd   3rd  
       data model  
       defining relationship between elements in RSS 1.0  
       dropped from RSS  
       fitting in with RSS  
       nodes and arcs  
       resources, property types and properties  
       return to RSS standard (Version 1.0)  
       writing in XML  
               rdf:about attribute  
               resource as property value  
               root element  
               RSS 1.0 document  
RDF Site Summary   [See RSS]
rdf:about attribute  
       channel element, RSS 1.0  
       content:encoding element  
       content:format element  
       content:item element   2nd  
       item elements (RSS 1.0)  
rdf:Alt element  
rdf:Bag element  
       in content:items element  
       rdf:li subelements  
       subelement of content:items  
rdf:li element  
       contained in thr:children  
       content:item subelement  
       for topics  
rdf:parseType attribute  
rdf:RDF element  
rdf:resource attribute
       content:format element  
       image element, RSS 1.0  
       RSS 1.0 and 2.0 modules, differences in  
       RSS 1.0 element values  
       textinput element, RSS 1.0  
rdf:Seq element  
       contained in thr:children  
rdf:value element
       content, enveloping in  
       subelement of content:item  
readers   [See desktop readers]
recommended sites (by blog author)  
recorded streamed media  
references (dcterms:isReferencedBy and dcterms:references)  
registering feeds with Syndic8  
registering with aggregators  
regular expressions
       parsing RSS with  
       RSS parsers, use of  
       searching for cloud elements  
related sources (dc:relation)  
removing feeds from subscription list  
renewing subscriptions  
repairing problems with syndicated information  
replaced items (dcterms:isReplacedBy and dcterms: replaces )  
requesting feeds, frequency of  
required items (dcterms:isRequiredBy and dcterms:requires)  
reserved names in XML  
       interactive resource (Dublin Core type)  
       as property values  
       XML namespaces as  
response time (average) of the server  
REST-based web aggregators  
results and methodology used in an item  
reviewers for Syndic8 community  
rolls (blogrolls)   2nd  
root category, searching for feeds by  
root element
       mod_content module  
       RDF document  
       RSS 1.0 document  
       RSS 1.0 mod_admin module  
       RSS 2.0  
Roug, Soren  
RPC (XML-RPC)   2nd   3rd  
       0.91   2nd  
       0.92   2nd  
       1.0   2nd  
               creating feed with web services  
               creating feed with Perl XML::RSS module  
               document, walking through  
               example document  
               feed using mod_RSS091 (example)  
               feed with mod_event (example)  
               mod_book elements in  
               specification, version 1.3.4  
       2.0   2nd  
               example document  
               producing with blogging tools  
               specification in detail  
       aggregators for feeds  
       consuming the feed  
       copyright implications for feeds  
       corporate intranets , use on  
       creating 0.91 and 0.92 feeds  
               Google SOAP API, using  
               XML::RSS module, using  
       desktop readers for feeds  
               history of  
       desktop-based headline viewers  
       Meerkat query results, providing as 0.91 and 1.0 feeds  
       modules   [See modules]
       on other platforms  
       raw content  
       RDF   [See RDF]
       readers for feeds   [See desktop readers]
       search engines for feeds  
       standards   2nd  
               evolution of  
        syndicating your content, reasons for  
       using feeds inside another site  
       version numbers   2nd   [See also standards]

Content Syndication with RSS
Content Syndication with RSS
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