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SAX (Simple API for XML)  
schemes (category)  
scraper for Syndic8 community  
scraping sites for feeds  
script element  
scripting languages
       creating RSS feeds in  
       Perl   [See Perl]
       XML parsers  
search engines  
       Meerkat API, using  
       Syndic8 methods for  
section an article appears in  
selective parsing for output to SMS  
Semantic Web  
server-side includes  
       instructions for displaying feeds (feeds.shtml file)  
       LinkPimp system (example)  
       Microsoft IIS, setting permissions for  
        putting RSI feeds on page with  
servers   [See also web servers]
       services vs.  
       status and availability of  
       Dublin Core type  
       servers vs.  
       statis amd availability  
serving RSS  
settings (AmphetaDesk::Settings module)  
SGML (Standard Generalized Markup Language)  
       relationship of XML and HTML to  
Short Message Service   [See SMS]
Simple Object Access Protocol   [See SOAP]
single quotes (')  
       desktop readers  
       finding with Syndic8 database query  
       mailing lists  
       recommended by blog author  
       RSS validators  
       scraping, preventing  
       screen scraping to create feeds  
       specification documents  
       suggesting feed for Syndic8 database using site URL  
skipDays element
       RSS 0.91  
       rss091:skipDays rdf element  
       superseded by mod_syndication  
skipHours element
               superseded by mod_syndication  
       RSS 0.91  
       rss091:skipHours rdf element  
slash: namespace  
SMS (Short Message Service)  
       outputting RSS feeds via  
Snewp, The (search engine)  
SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol)
       creating RSS feed  
       Publish and Subscribe  
       SOAP::Lite module  
       Dublin Core type  
       program used to generate RSS file  
sound (Dublin Core type)  
source elements
       RSS 0.92  
span elements  
spatial location (dc:coverage)  
specification documents, web sites for  
ss: namespace (mod_servicestatus)  
Standard Generalized Markup Language (SGML)  
       relationship to XML and HTML  
standard modules  
standards   2nd  
        RSS 2.0  
       RSS 0.91   2nd  
               basic document structure  
               example document   2nd  
               item elements  
               summary of specification  
       RSS 0.92   2nd  
               example document  
               example document (with two items)  
               existing elements, changes to  
               new elements  
               summary of specification  
       RSS 1.0   2nd  
               document, walking through  
               example document  
               specification, version 1.3.4  
               summary of specification  
       RSS 2.0  
               example document  
               module support  
               specification in detail  
start date of an event (ev:startdate)  
start tag and end tag for XML elements  
status of feeds
       GetFeedStatus function (Syndic8)  
       Syndic8 error codes  
status of services (mod_servicestatus)  
str: namespace (mod_streaming)  
streaming media presentations  
Streaming module  
subject-predicate-object sentence  
       dc:subject element   2nd  
               adding RDF and taxonomy to  
       of feeds in Open Directory  
       rdf:about attribute  
       representing in RDF graph  
       taxo:topics elements  
       timespan of (dcterms:temporal)  
submit button, RSS 0.91 elements for  
SubscribeCategory function (Syndic8)  
SubscribeFeed function (Syndic8)  
subscription lists  
       AmphetaDesk program  
subscriptions   [See also Publish and Subscribe]
       automatic subscribing with desktop readers  
       blogChannel:mySubscriptions element  
       current, stored in pubsub.txt file (example)  
       desktop reader and aggregator products  
       enabled with mod_changedPage  
       removing feeds from a subscription list  
       subscription icons on desktop readers  
       Syndic8 Subscription Lists, adding or removing feeds  
subsections of objects (dcterms:isPartOf and dcterms:hasPart elements  
SuggestDataURL function (Syndic8)  
SuggestSiteURL function (Syndic8)  
Swartz, Aaron  
sy: namespace (mod_syndication)  
       API and subscription list service in example Publish and Subscribe  
       error codes from  
       metadata for feeds  
       registering feeds with  
       RSS standards in feeds  
       XML-RPC, use of  
        fixer , volunteering as  
       mod_syndication module   2nd   3rd  
       of MP3 files  
Syndication module   2nd   3rd  
system status module  

Content Syndication with RSS
Content Syndication with RSS
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