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generator element  
geographic locations
       coverage (dc:coverage element)  
       origin of feeds  
GetCategoryChildren function (Syndic8)  
GetCategoryRoots function (Syndic8)  
GetCategorySchemes function (Syndic8)  
GetCategoryTree function (Syndic8)  
GetChangedFeeds function (Syndic8)  
GetFeedCount function (Syndic8)  
GetFeedInfo function (Syndic8)  
GetFeedsInCategory function (Syndic8)  
GetSubscribed function (Syndic8)  
GetSubscribedCategories function (Syndic8)  
GetSubscribedFeeds function (Syndic8)  
GetSubscriptionLists function (Syndic8)  
global parameters, Meerkat queries  
globally unique identifiers
       guid element  
       ISBN numbers as  
Google SOAP API, creating RSS feed with  
GSM-based mobile phones, Short Message Service  
Guha, Ramanathan  
guid element  
       implementation of  

Content Syndication with RSS
Content Syndication with RSS
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