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feeds   2nd   [See also RSS]
       aggregators for   [See aggregators; Aggregation module]
       creating in scripting languages  
       finding with Syndic8 database query  
       Meerkat query results as  
       MIME types   2nd  
       producing with CMS  
        putting on page with client-side inclusion  
       putting on page with server-side includes  
       rating of  
       registries for  
       requesting, frequency of  
       scraping sites for  
       search engines for  
       status of  
       subscribing to   [See Publish and Subscribe subscriptions]
       templates for  
       using in another site  
fields in feed record (Syndic8 database)  
FindFeeds function (Syndic8)  
FindSites function (Syndic8)  
FindUsers function (Syndic8)  
fixer for Syndic8 sites  
flavors, Meerkat querys  
flow of information on the web  
               dcterms:isFormatOf and dcterms:hasFormat  
       feeds (dc:format element)  
ftp:// prefix for link or url elements  
       AmphetaDesk::Utilities module  
               adding feeds to database with Syndic8 API  
               database queries, more complicated  
               searching for feeds by category  
               subscription lists, dealing with  

Content Syndication with RSS
Content Syndication with RSS
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