Chapter 21. SQL Server Mobile Edition

Microsoft SQL Server Mobile Edition (SQL Server Mobile) is the update to Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Windows CE Edition 2.0 (SQL Server CE). It extends enterprise solutions to applications running on a device by delivering relational database functionality in a compact footprint and by providing a consistent programming model. SQL Server Mobile is typically used on devices that run Windows CE 5.0, Windows XP Tablet PC Edition, Mobile Pocket PC, or Mobile Smartphone. You can also run SQL Server Mobile on a desktop Windows operating system for development and testing purposes.

SQL Server Mobile is integrated with the .NET Compact Frameworka subset of the .NET Framework that provides a hardware-independent environment for running applications on resource-constrained computing devices. SQL Server Mobile can be deployed as part of a Microsoft .NET Compact Framework application or independently on a smart device. The .NET Compact Framework Data Provider for SQL Server Mobile in the namespace System.Data.SqlServerCe provides access to data from .NET Compact Framework applications.

Remote data access and merge replication deliver data from SQL Server to SQL Server Mobile on supported devices. This data can be manipulated offline and later synchronized to the server when a connection is available.

A SQL Server Mobile database is stored in a file with a .sdf extension. A SQL Server Mobile database can be up to 4GB in size. Devices running SQL Server Mobile can access and modify the data, as can desktop computers running SQL Server Management Studio. SQL Server Mobile supports multiuser database access.

You can use SQL Server Management Studio to administer a SQL Server Mobile database. SQL Server Mobile management functionality in SQL Server Management Studio is limited to a subset of the capabilities for managing a SQL Server 2005 database. Many tasks cannot be performed using graphical tools but must instead be accomplished using T-SQL commands. SQL Server Management Objects (SMO) is not supported by SQL Server Mobile.

Programming SQL Server 2005
Programming SQL Server 2005
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