Section 21.1. Environments

21.1. Environments

SQL Server Mobile includes both a client environment, where the application is hosted and offline data is stored, and a server environment, which serves as a central repository for data. Connectivity technologies provide periodic data synchronization between client and server environments . The following subsections describe the client and server environments.

21.1.1. Client

The client environment includes the SQL Server Mobile instance and the client application developed using the .NET Compact Framework.

The SQL Server Mobile client environment includes the following:

  • Tools for setup, configuration, data access, and data modification.

  • APIs to develop applications that access SQL Server Mobile data.

  • The query processor, which parses, compiles, optimizes, and executes SQL expressions, queries, and commands. The SQL grammar supported by SQL Server Mobile is a subset of T-SQL supported by SQL Server 2005.

  • SQL Server Mobile Database Engine, which manages the data store and tracks inserted, deleted, and modified records to support replication or remote data access (RDA) connectivity.

  • SQL Server Mobile Client Agent, which supports connectivity by implementing the Replication, RemoteDataAccess, and Engine objects and lets you programmatically control connections to SQL Server.

21.1.2. Server

The server environment includes the following:

  • SQL Server 2005, which provides server-side storage, management, and analysis of data.

  • SQL Server Mobile Server Agent, which handles HTTP data and schema transfer requests made by SQL Server Mobile Client Agent.

  • Internet Information Services (IIS), which provides the protocol that client devices use to connect to servers to transfer and exchange data using replication or RDA.

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