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sample code
       aggregate commands  
       BLOBs, writing to file  
       changes, committing/ discarding  
        columns   2nd   3rd  
       concurrency handling  
       connections, opening/testing  
       data, updating   2nd   3rd  
       DataReaders, fast-forward  
       DataSets   2nd  
               strongly typed  
       DataTable events  
       DataViews, displaying multiple  
       DiffGram format  
       FillError event  
       FillSchema( ) method  
       isolation levels  
       list binding
       ListViews, filling with all columns  
       many-to-many relationships[sample code
               many to many relationships  
       mapping tables/columns  
       master-detail form  
       master-detail data binding  
       native SQL data types, using  
       navigational control  
       parameterized queries  
       PositionChanged event  
       primary key  
       records, updating   2nd   3rd  
       relational filter expressions  
       rows   2nd  
               errors in  
               update event handlers for  
       schema information, retrieving  
       SQL Server 2000 support for XML  
       stored procedures  
               for commands  
               queries for  
               updating records with  
               with output parameters  
               with return values  
       tables   2nd  
       templates and styles  
               using DataAdapters  
       TreeViews, hierarchical  
       UniqueConstraint objects  
       update objects  
       Update( ) method  
       values, formatting/parsing  
       web service code  
       web service returning modified DataSet  
Save( ) method, for savepoints   2nd  
schema inference  
schema information, retrieving  
       from data source  
       ADO.NET objects and  
               for DataTables  
       XML and  
SchemaType enumeration
       DataAdapter class  
       System.Data namespace  
Select( ) method, rows and   2nd   3rd  
SelectCommand objects  
SelectCommand property  
SelectedValue property  
semicolon (;)
       in C# syntax  
       in connection strings  
ServerVersion property  
SetAbort( ) method, for automatic transactions  
SetColumnError( ) method   2nd  
SetColumnNameNull( ) method   2nd  
SetComplete( ) method, for automatic transactions  
SetParentRow( ) method   2nd  
single-value binding  
sorting data  
SQL Server
       connection strings and  
       migrating MSDE database to  
       schema tables, retrieving with  
       stored procedures and  
       XML extensions for  
SQL Server .NET provider   2nd  
       connection pooling and   2nd  
       recommendations for selecting  
SQL Server Books Online  
SQL statements, benefits of vs. stored procedures  
SqlBinary structure  
SqlBoolean structure  
SqlByte structure  
SqlClientPermission class  
SqlClientPermissionAttribute class  
SqlCommand class  
SqlCommandBuilder class   2nd  
SqlCompareOptions enumeration  
SqlConnection class  
SqlDataAdapter class  
SqlDataReader class  
SqlDateTime structure  
SqlDbType enumeration  
SqlDecimal structure  
SqlDouble structure  
SqlError class  
SqlErrorCollection class  
SqlException class  
SqlGuid structure  
SqlInfoMessageEventArgs class  
SqlInfoMessageEventHandler delegate  
SqlInt16 structure  
SqlInt32 structure  
SqlInt64 structure  
SqlMoney structure  
SqlNullValueException class  
SqlParameter class  
SqlParameterCollection class  
SqlRowUpdatedEventArgs class  
SqlRowUpdatedEventHandler delegate  
SqlRowUpdatingEventArgs class  
SqlRowUpdatingEventHandler delegate  
SqlSingle structure  
SqlString structure  
SqlTransaction class  
SqlTruncateException class  
SqlTypeException class  
SQLXML data provider  
SQLXML Managed Classes  
SqlXmlCommand class  
State property  
StateChange event  
StateChangeEventArgs class  
StateChangeEventHandler delegate  
StatementType enumeration  
stored procedures  
       benefits of  
               vs. SQL statements  
       DataReader column order and  
       with DataReaders  
       drawbacks of  
       SQL Server  
       updating data source and  
       using to retrieve data from data source  
strongly typed DataSet objects   [See DataSet objects, strongly typed]
StrongTypingException class  
structs, namespace quick reference and  
structures, C#/Visual Basic and  
styles, templates and  
subsets of rows  
SyntaxErrorException class  
system stored procedures  
System.Data namespace  
System.Data.Common namespace  
System.Data.OleDb namespace  
System.Data.SqlClient namespace  
System.Data.SqlTypes namespace  
System.DBNull class  

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