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table joins, updating data source and  
table mappings  
Table property
       DataColumn class  
       DataRow class  
table structure, modifying  
TableMappings collection  
TableName property   2nd  
TableNameChangeEvent class  
TableNameDataTable class  
TableNameRow class  
TableNameRow( ) method   2nd  
TableNameRows( ) method  
tables   [See also DataSet objects; DataTable objects]
       creating programmatically  
Tables collection  
Tables property  
Tabular Data Stream (TDS) protocol  
templates, DataList ASP.NET data control and   2nd  
timestamp, concurrency handling and  
ToString( ) method  
Transaction class   2nd  
Transaction property  
transactions   2nd  
       Connection objects and  
       connection pooling and  
       Command objects  
       Connection objects  
       Constraint objects  
       Parameter objects  
type mappings, for OLE DB .NET provider  
Typed Accessor( ) method (TableName Row)  
typed accessors  
TypedDataSetGenerator class  
TypedDataSetGeneratorException class  
        names for  
       special index for  

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