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Read( ) method  
ReadOnly property   2nd  
ReadOnlyException class  
ReadXml( ) method   2nd   3rd  
ReadXmlSchema( ) method   2nd  
record navigation   2nd  
               with parameterized commands  
               with stored procedures  
referential integrity  
        preserving when updating data source  
RefreshSchema( ) method  
       update objects and  
RejectChanges( ) method
       for DataRows   2nd  
       for DataSets   2nd   3rd  
       for DataTables   2nd  
relations   2nd   [See also DataRelation objects]
       vs. join queries  
       reasons for defining  
Relations collection  
Relations property  
Remove( ) method
       for columns  
       for constraints  
       for relations  
       for rows  
       for tables  
RemoveAt( ) method
       for columns  
       for constraints  
       for rows  
       for tables  
Repeater data control (ASP.NET)  
Reset( ) method
       for DataSets   2nd  
       for DataTables   2nd  
resource lock modes  
resources for further reading
       ASP.NET data binding  
       COM+ services  
       custom data providers  
       information schemas  
       OSQL utility  
       SQL Server 2000  
result sets, returning multiple  
return values  
Rollback( ) method   2nd   3rd  
row state, filtering by  
RowChanged event   2nd  
RowChanging event   2nd  
RowDeleted event   2nd  
RowDeleting event   2nd  
RowError property   2nd   3rd  
RowFilter property   2nd   3rd  
RowNotInTableException class  
rows   2nd   [See also DataRow objects]
       in DataTables, committing/ discarding changes  
       deleting   2nd  
       errors in  
       failed updates and  
               from DataSets   2nd  
               from DataTables   2nd   3rd  
       single, reading with DataReaders  
       in strongly typed DataSets, working with  
        subsets of  
Rows collection  
Rows property  
RowState property   2nd   3rd  
RowStateFilter property  
RowUpdated event   2nd   3rd  
       using to retrieve updated values from data source  
RowUpdatedEventArgs class  
RowUpdating event   2nd  
RowUpdatingEventArgs class  
rowversion timestamp field  
Rule enumeration  
       options for  

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