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EndEdit( ) method, for DataRows   2nd   3rd  
EndLoadData( ) method   2nd  
EnforceConstraints property   2nd   3rd  
       C#/Visual Basic and  
       namespace quick reference and  
       in rows   2nd  
       using Constraint objects to prevent   2nd  
EvaluateException class  
       C#/Visual Basic and  
events reference
       Connection class  
       DataAdapter class   2nd  
       DataSet class  
       DataTable class  
       DataView class  
examples   [See sample code]
exception handling  
ExecuteNonQuery( ) method   2nd   3rd   4th  
       using to return aggregate values  
ExecuteReader( ) method   2nd   3rd  
       DataReaders and   2nd  
ExecuteScalar( ) method   2nd   3rd  
ExecuteXmlReader( ) method   2nd  
expression columns   2nd  
Expression property   2nd  
ExtendedProperties collection
       DataColumn class  
       DataSet class  
       DataTable class  
ExtendedProperties property  
Extensible Markup Language   [See XML]
Extensible Stylesheet Language (XSL)  

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