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data binding   2nd  
       drawbacks of  
Data Definition Language (DDL)  
Data Manipulation Language (DML)  
data objects, using to edit XML  
data providers   2nd   3rd  
       custom/recommendations for selecting  
       types of, mapping to .NET Framework types  
data source
       data, retrieving from  
       updated values, retrieving from  
       updating   2nd  
               optimizing performance for  
               refreshing data afterwards  
               using CommandBuilder objects  
               using custom update logic  
data types
       .NET Framework  
               vs. data types proprietary to databases  
       C#/VB equivalents of  
       for SQL Server .NET provider  
DataAdapter class   2nd   3rd   4th  
DataAdapter events  
DataAdapter objects   2nd   3rd  
       for transactions  
       strongly typed DataSets and  
       updating data source and  
DataAdapter property  
Database property  
DataBind( ) method, ASP.NET data binding and  
DataColumn class   2nd  
DataColumn objects   2nd   3rd   [See also columns ]4th  
DataColumnChangeEventArgs class  
DataColumnChangeEventHandler delegate  
DataColumnCollection class  
DataColumnMapping class  
DataColumnMappingCollection class  
DataException class  
DataGrid data control (ASP.NET)  
DataList data control (ASP.NET)  
DataReader class   2nd  
       vs. DataTable class  
DataReader objects   2nd  
        methods for  
       querying with  
       schema information and  
       stored procedures with  
DataRelation class   2nd   3rd  
DataRelation objects   2nd  
       adding to/removing from DataSets  
       join queries and  
        msdata namespace and  
       strongly typed DataSets and  
DataRelationCollection class   2nd  
DataRow class   2nd   3rd  
DataRow objects   [See also rows]2nd   3rd   4th   5th  
       changes to, committing/ discarding  
       versions of  
DataRowAction enumeration   2nd  
DataRowChangeEventArgs class  
DataRowChangeEventHandler delegate  
DataRowCollection class  
DataRowState enumeration   2nd   3rd  
DataRowVersion enumeration   2nd  
DataRowView class  
DataSet class   2nd   3rd  
DataSet objects   2nd  
       custom information, adding to  
               constraints and  
       strongly typed   2nd  
                codegen namespace and  
               working with rows in  
       XML and  
       XPath queries and  
DataSet property  
DataSet schemas, namespaces for  
DataSetName property   2nd  
DataSource property  
DataSysDescriptionAttribute class  
DataTable class   2nd   3rd  
       vs. DataReader class  
DataTable events  
DataTable objects   2nd  
       errors in, identifying  
       working with  
DataTableCollection class  
DataTableCollection objects  
DataTableMapping class  
DataTableMappingCollection class  
DataType property  
DataView class   2nd   3rd  
       vs. DataViewManager class  
DataView objects  
       accessing data through  
       binding to  
       displaying multiple  
DataViewManager class   2nd  
       vs. DataView class  
DataViewRowState enumeration  
DataViewSetting class  
DataViewSettingCollection class  
DBConcurrencyException class  
DbDataAdapter class  
DBDataPermission class  
DBDataPermissionAttribute class  
DbDataRecord class  
DbEnumerator class  
DbType enumeration  
DDL (Data Definition Language)  
Default row version  
DefaultValue property  
DefaultView property  
DefaultViewManager property  
       C#/Visual Basic delegates and  
       namespace quick reference and  
DELETE statement (SQL)  
Delete( ) method, for rows   2nd  
DeleteCommand objects   2nd  
       DataAdapters and  
DeleteCommand property  
DeletedRowInaccessibleException class  
DeleteRule property  
deleting records  
DeriveParameters( ) method  
DesiredType property  
diffgr namespace   2nd  
DiffGram format  
       batch updates and  
       msdata namespace and   2nd  
Direction property   2nd  
discarding changes   [See changes, committing/discarding]
disconnected classes  
DisplayExpression property  
Dispose( ) method  
DML (Data Manipulation Language)  
       data providers  
       ODP.NET data provider  
       Oracle .NET provider   2nd  
       SQLXML data provider  
drivers, for OLE DB .NET provider  
DuplicateNameException class  

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