UpdateStatus serializable

UpdateStatus serializable

System.Data (system.data.dll) enum

This enumeration is used to specify the Status property of the System.Data.Common.RowUpdatingEventArgs and System.Data.Common.RowUpdatedEventArgs classes. These objects are provided to clients when handling row update events for a data adapter. The UpdateStatus enumeration specifies whether to continue the update, raise an error, skip the current row (usually because the update failed), or skip all the remaining rows.

 public enum  UpdateStatus  {  Continue = 0  ,  ErrorsOccurred = 1  ,  SkipCurrentRow = 2  ,  SkipAllRemainingRows = 3  } 


System.Object figs/u2192.gif System.ValueType figs/u2192.gif System.Enum(System.IComparable, System.IFormattable , System.IConvertible) figs/u2192.gif UpdateStatus

Returned By

System.Data.Common.RowUpdatedEventArgs.Status , System.Data.Common.RowUpdatingEventArgs.Status

Passed To

System.Data.Common.RowUpdatedEventArgs.Status , System.Data.Common.RowUpdatingEventArgs.Status

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