Section 42. Navigate Through Google Local

42. Navigate Through Google Local



Map a Location

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Navigate Through Google Earth

Mapping a location is useful, but more often than not, you're going to need to navigate aroundzoom in and out on the location and easily maneuver to places near and far. This task shows you how to do this.

Navigate Through Google Local

Use the Slider

You can zoom in and out on your map by using the vertical slider on the left side of the map. Hold your mouse over the horizontal bar on the slider; the mouse pointer turns into a hand. Hold down the mouse's left button and drag the bar toward the top of the screen to zoom in; drag toward the bottom to zoom out.

Use the Navigation Arrows

If you want to move north, south, east, or west on your current map, use the four navigation arrows at the top of the slider. Click the arrow in the direction you want to move the map. When you click, you move half a screen's worth of distance, at whatever zoom magnification you're currently viewing the map.

Drag the Map

If you want to move the map in increments other than half a screen at a time, you can drag the map in any direction. Hold down the left mouse button anywhere on the map and drag the map in the direction you want to move. As you drag the map, a four-headed arrow appears to show that you are moving the map. When you want to stop, release the mouse button.

Double-click the Map

Instead of dragging or using the navigation arrows, you can double-click any location on the map, and you are immediately sent to that point. This is particularly useful when you're zoomed very far out because you can quickly and accurately go to a location a great distance away from your current one.


Google Local works for more places than just the United States. You can get maps for many other countries by typing the address, including the city and country; for example, Old Queen Street, London, UK. If you don't know the street address, type the name of the city and country, and then zoom in to where you want to go using the navigational tools.

Return to Your Previous Location

If you've been looking at maps of various regions and you want to return to the location where you were previously, click the small box with four inward-facing arrows in the middle of the navigation arrows.

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