The abstract class Test (see Figure C-16) is the central design element of CppUnit, as in other versions of xUnit. It is the base class for all test objects. A Test may consist of a single unit test or of a collection of Test s. When a Test is run, a TestResult collects its results.

All of Test 's methods are virtual and should be overridden by descendant classes.

Test belongs to the namespace CppUnit . It is declared in Test.h and implemented in Test.cpp .

Figure C-16. The abstract class Test


 class Test 


virtual ~Test( )

A destructor.

Public Methods

virtual int countTestCases( ) const = 0

Returns the number of test cases to be run by this Test .

virtual string getName( ) const = 0

Returns the name of this Test .

virtual void run(TestResult *result) = 0

Runs Test and collects the results in result .

virtual string toString( ) const = 0

Returns a short description of this Test , generally incorporating the name and Test type.

Protected/Private Methods




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Unit Test Frameworks
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