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package scope, declaring protected/private methods as
packages, JUnit 2nd
parsers, XML
        Apache Crimson
path notation, XML documents
performance tests
        code performance tests, JUnitPerf
        LibraryPerfTest class (example)
        variations in result, problems with
permission to use code examples
PL/SQL language, xUnit for (utPLSQL)
plain asserts
Poole, Charlie
preprocessor directives __FILE_ _ and __LINE_ _
presentation layer, GUI applications
private attributes
private methods, testing
PrivateAccessor class
production code
        building low-level tests into
        error-handling behavior, testing
        organization of
        relationship of unit tests to
programmer tests
Protectable interface
protected methods, testing
public attributes
Purcell, Steve
        command-line interpreter ro run code interactively
        dictionary object, dict( )
        Pester, reporting on code not unit tested
        PyUnit version of xUnit [See PyUnit]
        search path
        web site
PyUnit 2nd
        adding a test to the test suite
        command-line interpreter to run code interactively
        creating uniquely named test methods
        GUI test runner
        makeSuite( ) method for creating a TestSuite
        module to run all tests
        multiple test methods for test classes
        running tests from command line with module
        test assert methods
        test classes, creating by subclassing TestCase
        test failure reporting
        test fixtures, implementing
        web site


Unit Test Frameworks
Unit Test Frameworks
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