Chapter 11 -- Designing Pages

Chapter 11

In the previous chapters on Word, you learned how to control the appearance of individual characters and paragraphs of text in your document. In this chapter, you'll learn how to design entire pages. You'll see how to modify the general appearance of all pages in a document or document section by adding page numbers, headers, or footers, or by adjusting the margins or other page setup features. You'll learn how to enhance the appearance of individual pages by placing blocks of text at specific positions on the page, or by adding graphics. You'll discover how to enhance documents—primarily Web-page documents—by adding movie clips, scrolling text, background sounds, and background colors or images. And finally, you'll learn how to print Microsoft Word documents and how to preview their printed appearance.

This chapter concludes the presentation of the basic steps for creating regular Word documents and Web pages. The following chapters on Word explore techniques for creating longer and more specialized kinds of documents.

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