Moving the Insertion Point

For advanced methods to navigate through a document, see "Navigating Through a Document Using Other Methods."

After you have created a document, the first step in editing it is to move the insertion point to the position where you want to make the change. Word provides many ways to move quickly through your documents. This section describes some of the basic ones.

The easiest way to move the insertion point to a document position that is currently visible in the window is to simply click the position using the left (primary) mouse button:

Scroll Without Losing Your Place

To temporarily view another part of your document, use the vertical scroll bar to move to that location. Provided you don't click anywhere at the new location, you can instantly return to your original position by simply pressing an arrow key. Word will automatically scroll back to the position of the insertion point (which is not moved when you use a scroll bar).

You can use the keys or key combinations in Table 6-1 to move the insertion point to any position in a document:

Table 6-1. Shortcut Key Combinations for Moving the Insertion Point

Use This Key or Key Combination To Move
¬To previous character
®To next character
One line up
¯One line down
Ctrl+¬Backward through the document one word at a time
Ctrl+®Forward through the document one word at a time
Ctrl+Backward through the document one paragraph at a time
Ctrl+¯Forward through the document one paragraph at a time
HomeTo beginning of line
EndTo end of line
Ctrl+HomeTo beginning of document
Ctrl+EndTo end of document
Page UpOne window up (that is, up a distance equal to the height of the window)
Page DownOne window down

You can also use the horizontal and vertical scroll bars to bring text into view in a document window, as shown in Figure 6-7. If either scroll bar is not currently displayed, you can make it visible by choosing Options from the Tools menu, clicking the View tab, and selecting the Horizontal Scroll Bar or the Vertical Scroll Bar option. Note that when you view text using a scroll bar, the insertion point is not moved; in fact, after scrolling, the insertion point will often not even be visible in the window. To move the insertion point, scroll and then click the position where you want the insertion point to appear.

For information about searching for text, see "Finding and Replacing Text."

click to view at full size.

Figure 6-7. The effects of clicking various scroll bar positions to scroll through a document (drag rather than click, where indicated). In this figure, scroll one window means to scroll a distance equal to the current size of the document window, in the direction you choose.

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