Chapter 19 -- Customizing Excel to Work the Way You Do

Chapter 19

A short time ago, one of the editors of this book moved into a new office. Our first visit to her new digs was a shock; in place of the familiar, delightfully idiosyncratic workspace stood an empty desk, a computer wrapped in packing tape, several boxes of books and supplies, and four white walls bathed in pale, phosphorescent light. However, after several hours of patient adjustment and tinkering, her simple 10' x 10' room again reflected her personality and interests. Books and treasures lined the walls, a soft lamp replaced cold overhead lighting, and the computer displayed a familiar electronic photograph. In a way, this routine relocation reminded us of one of the many aspects we really like about Microsoft Office applications: they're eminently adaptable to your preferences and work style.

This chapter provides you with several useful techniques for customizing Microsoft Excel and making it work the way you want it to. You'll learn how to magnify the worksheet and save your favorite views, set your most typical printing options, and configure a time-saving feature called AutoCorrect. You'll also learn how to control recalculation and adjust other hidden settings by using the Options dialog box, and how to install add-in commands and wizards. When you're finished, you'll have all the techniques you need to create your own personalized Excel interface.

You can also change how toolbars and menus are presented in the Excel interface. For more information about these customization options, see "Using Toolbars".

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