How Email Viruses Travel in Your Email

An unsuspecting victim receives an email that appears to have been sent by someone the victim knows, and the subject of the message is worded to entice the patsy to open the email, such as "Wild party pictures!!!"

Tricky Viruses

The VBS.Hard.A@mm virus is an attachment that comes on an email message warning against a nonexistent worm called VBS.AmericanHistoryX_II@mm. The subject of the message is "FW: Symantec Anti-Virus Warning"; the message promises more information in the attached memo.

When the attached file,, is opened, it makes the Internet Explorer home page a phony website that warns about a fictitious worm. It also makes Outlook send copies of the bogus virus warning to everyone in the address book.

Each November 24, infected computers display the same message: "Don't look surprised! It is only a warning about your stupidity. Take care!"

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