How Zombies and Bot Networks Work

A zombie, also called a Bot, is a computer that can be taken over and controlled by someone remotely. Typically, a single person controls a zombie network of many thousands of infected computers. In one instance, a single zombie network was made up of more than 1.5 million PCs. An unsuspecting PC can become infected in many different ways, including via email, file-sharing networks, or directly over a network if network-file sharing has been turned on, with no security precautions. The zombie software is installed on the PC. It turns off the PC's anti-virus software, and blocks access to security sites, so that the owner of the PC will not know his computer is infected.


Those who run zombie networks look to infect computers that have broadband cable and DSL connections, because they can send out many more messages per minute than computers connected to the Internet via dial-up. Broadband-connected PCs are also online all the time, while dial-up PCs are only available sporadically, when they have dialed into their ISPs.

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