Customizing the Tools Menu

The Tools menu is new to Domino Designer 6. You can add tools and customize or reorganize the Tools menu. For example, you might use Paint Shop Pro to edit images. You can add it to the Tools menu and specify Image Resources as the context by following these steps:

  1. Open Domino Designer, if it is not already open .
  2. Enter the tool name in the Add Tool dialog window.
  3. Click the folder button next to the Tool Action field, and browse to the location of the file that launches the tool.
  4. Select the Tool Context, or select Always.
  5. Click OK. Your tool is added to the Tools menu (see Figure 3.20).

    Figure 3.20. The Add Tool dialog box also has a Run Formula button. You can add a custom-written formula to the Tools menu.


You can add tools and modify the Tool menu and tool contexts by choosing Tools, Customize from the menu.

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