Resetting a Toolbar


After experimenting with customizing my toolbar, I can't remember which buttons should be on the toolbar and which ones shouldn't. How do I reset a toolbar?

PowerPoint makes it easy to return to the original default toolbar settings. Just access the Customize dialog box (View, Toolbars, Customize), click the Toolbars tab, and click Reset. Be careful, however, because you lose all customizing you might have added to the toolbar.

Speeding Up Presentation Performance

After working with a presentation for some time, I notice that it takes longer to save or to perform certain tasks that were faster before. How can I make a leaner, faster presentation?

Several things can make your presentation grow unnecessarily, which in turn can slow it down. Try some of the following to reduce your file size or to otherwise speed up your work with PowerPoint:

  • Reduce the number of undos (Tools, Options, Edit). By default, PowerPoint saves the last 20 changes, but you probably don't need more than 10.

  • Turn off the option to save a preview picture with the file (File, Properties, Summary, Save Preview Picture).

  • Unload any add-ins you might have loaded (Tools, Add-Ins, Remove).

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