Changing the Appearance of the Site

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Once you’re familiar with how the default SharePoint Web site works, you might want to change the way the overall site looks—the visual theme, title, and description. To do so, display the Site Settings page (Figure 17-6) by clicking the Site Settings link at the top of a page in the SharePoint Web site.

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Figure 17-6: The main Site Settings page.

You can do the following to change the site’s appearance:

  • Change the title and description Click the Change Site Title And Description link and type the new title and description in the Title and Description boxes. Click OK when you’re finished. The title of the site (by default, “Your Organization Name”) appears on all pages; the site description appears only on the home page.

  • Apply a theme Click the Apply Theme To Site link, select a theme, and then click Apply to change the fonts and color scheme used for the site.

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