Chapter 8: Filling In Forms Quickly


In your online adventures, you've probably encountered Web sites that require you to register for their services by providing personal information. Basic information, such as a username and password, are generally necessary to identify you in the Web site's network. However, Web site operators like extended registration because it allows them to learn more about you, which helps them deliver advertising more closely matched to your interests. (As charitable as that sounds, the endgame, of course, is getting you to click the advertisements.)

Registration probably isn't as rosy from your perspective. It requires you to enter the same information — such as ZIP code — again and again across multiple sites, and it forces you to remember the login information you use at each Web site. Repetitive tasks and long-term memory — isn't that what computers were supposed to help you with?

Firefox comes to the rescue with two handy features:

  • Automatic form filling: Enter a piece of information once, and Firefox helps you fill it in again in the future.

  • Automatic login filling: This feature remembers your username/password combinations at Web sites that require you to log in.

I give you the details about both of these features in this chapter.

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