StumbleUpon the Web s Best Secrets

StumbleUpon the Web's Best Secrets

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The Internet holds over 10 billion pages, and quite frankly, many of them are boring. StumbleUpon is designed to separate the flowers from the weeds by helping you "stumble upon" Web sites that friends and people who share your interests recommend. Although StumbleUpon uses complicated algorithms to decide which Web sites will interest you, finding new and interesting content is as easy as clicking a button. Of course, you should also add good sites you find to the mix so others can have the pleasure of stumbling upon them. This, too, is as easy as clicking.

How it works StumbleUpon adds its own toolbar (see Figure 22-2) under the Bookmarks Toolbar. After installation, click the Welcome to StumbleUpon button on the toolbar to create your account and indicate what kinds of sites you want to stumble upon. Then you're ready to go with the toolbar as your guide. To find a new site, just click Stumble. The results get more interesting when friends join your network; you can invite them by clicking the friend button to load the StumbleUpon invite form and filling out your friends' e-mail addresses, along with a short message. Recommend sites you visit with the I Like It! button or warn others with Not for Me. You can also see what others thought by clicking the Page Reviews button (the one with the speech bubble).

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Figure 22-2: Click the Stumble button on the StumbleUpon toolbar to visit a recommended page.

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