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Wash the dog, feed the kids, wash the kids, feed the kids to the dog — think about all the stuff you keep track of every day. Wouldn't it be great if you could just download your brain to a disk, enjoy some worry-free downtime, and reload it later?

Technology still has a little ways to go, but the SessionSaver extension is the next best thing. As the name implies, SessionSaver remembers the state of Firefox from one browsing session to the next. For instance, if you open seven Web sites and then carelessly close Firefox, you see the same seven sites the next time you open it. The Web sites reopen in whatever form they were in when you closed Firefox. In other words, Web sites that were open in windows will reopen in windows, and Web sites that were open in tabs will reopen in tabs. SessionSaver even remembers information you've typed into Web forms but haven't yet saved or submitted. And the best part? You don't have to do anything to make this work.


SessionSaver restores exactly what you had open in your previous session, so unless your home page was open last time, it won't load the next time you start Firefox.

Thanks to SessionSaver, you no longer have to lose your open Web sites when your laptop battery dies or your spouse wants to go online. It also saves you from creating temporary bookmarks just to hold onto them. And even in the (rare!) case that Firefox crashes, SessionSaver protects your data.

How it works SessionSaver automatically begins remembering your information across browser sessions as soon as you install it. You can configure SessionSaver by choosing Toolsimage from book SessionSaverimage from book Settings to open its settings window. By default, the window displays in Simple Mode and contains a single setting to turn SessionSaver on and off. However, if you click the Simple toggle in the upper-right corner, the window changes to Expert Mode and makes a number of additional options available, as shown in Figure 22-1. For example, you can have SessionSaver ask you before it restores your last session by selecting the But Ask Me First check box.

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Figure 22-1: SessionSaver works as soon as you install it, but you can customize it extensively by using its settings window in Expert Mode.

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