Direct Connections

It's not always necessary to connect to a network when all you really need is a simple connection to one other computer to transfer files or exchange text messages. This kind of connection is sometimes described as an ad hoc network because it's usually a temporary link, established for a specific purpose and ended when it is no longer needed.

An ad hoc network can use any of these methods to establish the connection:

  • A direct wired connection between serial data ports, using a null modem cable

  • A cable connection between the IEE 1394 (FireWire) ports

  • A link between USB ports, using a USB-to-serial adapter at each end and a null modem cable

  • A connection through the public telephone network, between modems attached to each computer

  • An ad hoc Wi-Fi radio link

  • A link using infrared lightwaves between IrDA ports

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