If you use two or more computers to work on the same documents and files, the Briefcase utility supplied with Windows can eliminate much of the confusion involved in keeping track of updates and changes. By keeping a master copy of each file and using Briefcase to keep all the working copies up to date, you can be certain that you are always working on the most recent version. To synchronize your files, copy the original from the main computer to a briefcase in the second computer, edit the file, and use the Update commands in Briefcase.

Most of the makers of software for BlackBerries, Palm Pilots, and other personal digital assistants and advanced wireless telephones offer synchronization software that allows you to coordinate your contact lists, e-mail directories, appointment calendars, and other personal information between your computer and your PDA. If the synchronization software for your PDA isn't listed in this chapter, look for it on the manufacturer's Web site.

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