What s New in Windows Vista

What's New in Windows Vista

As the evolution of Windows continues, the next version of the popular operating system is Windows Vista. Vista is intended to be an even easier system than ever before. With Vista, the key is being able to visually manage and organize your data more efficiently than in previous versions. To accomplish this, Vista allows you to see the content of files without having to open them, and includes more wizards that make difficult tasks easy.

To help you quickly locate what you're looking for, Vista's new Instant Search lets you type a word or phrase, and the file is quickly located and able to be launched. The new Windows Flip feature displays all open applications as thumbnails, and Flip 3D lets you use the mouse scroll wheel to quickly move between open documents.

Vista's new security features are focused on keeping malicious software, including viruses, off your computer. These features also keep the Internet a safe place to browse.

You can position the Vista Sidebar off to the side of the screen where it can display mini applications such as weather reports, movie clips, or music files.

Vista includes several new features that take advantage of flash memory to improve performance, save battery power, and load files quicker. Vista's new Restore and Backup features provide several layers of backup, insuring that you can recover quickly from system crashes without losing any data.

Windows Vista includes a powerful Speech Recognition engine that lets you dictate documents and control basic commands by speaking them in lieu of typing commands on the keyboard and using the mouse. The result is a system that is much more efficient, allowing you to work quicker.


Even though Vista promises to be another leap forward in productivity, many companies are wary of the new OS until it has had time to be proven in a business setting. If you're concerned about how Vista might impact your computer, you may want to wait until the system is proven.

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