Loading Windows

For most PCs, the task of loading Windows happens automatically at the plant where the computer is assembled. A large majority of computer-makers preload the latest version of Windows on new computers.

New computers often ship with an installation CD of Windows that can be used to reinstall Windows if any problems arise.


If your computer doesn't ship with a separate installation CD, you can contact Microsoft and they will send you an installation CD for a nominal fee.

If you ever need to reinstall Windows on your computer, follow these steps:

  1. Insert the Windows installation CD into your computer's CD-ROM or DVD drive.

  2. Before you can install Windows on a computer, you need to get access to your computer's CD-ROM or DVD drive. You can set the computer hardware to boot from a CD using the BIOS settings. When you first turn the computer on, a message appears stating how you can access the BIOS. Within the BIOS menu, look for an option that lets you boot from a CD and enable it. Save the changes.


    Some computers recognize and run the inserted CD without having to change the computer's BIOS.

  3. A note appears asking if you want to boot from the CD. Type the letter Y to okay this action. The basic operating system features load and the installation process begins.

  4. Follow the installation steps to start the installation. One of the installation steps lets you choose which Windows components to install.


    While Windows is installing, it first searches for an existing installation of Windows. If one is found, Windows offers an option to repair the current version instead of installing the entire OS again. However, during the installation process, some files may be erased or the entire hard drive may be formatted, which erases all the data on the hard drive. Be sure to back up all data that you want to save before installing (or repairing) Windows.

  5. After all the selected components are installed, the computer automatically restarts. You are greeted with a Windows welcome screen.

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