Uses for PC Cards

The PCMCIA Association, the agency that sets standards for PC Cards, has identified a long list of applications that use the PC Card standard, including:

  • Ethernet adapters

  • Analog-to-digital converters

  • AM/FM radio tuners

  • Bar code readers

  • Biometrics cards

  • Bluetooth adapters

  • Cellular data (WWAN) interfaces

  • Global Positioning System (GPS) cards

  • Hard drives

  • Game controller (joystick) interface cards

  • Flash memory cards

  • Memory module adapters

  • Modem cards

  • Parallel port interfaces

  • SATA host adapters

  • Serial port adapters

  • SCSI adapters

  • Security tokens

  • Sound cards

  • Analog and digital TV tuners

  • USB adapters

  • IEEE 1394 adapters

  • Video (VGA) adapters

  • Video capture/frame grabber cards

This list is far from complete. The PC Card specification is flexible enough to support many other even more specialized services and applications. Except for a few very early cards, you can safely expect just about any product on a PC Card to work with your laptop, as long as it fits into the socket.

However, many of the same products and services are also available with a USB interface that is often faster and less expensive than a PC Card. Because your laptop almost certainly has both a PC Card socket and at least one or two USB ports, you can use either one to add features and functions to the computer.

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