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The quiz questions are designed to test your knowledge of the material covered in this hour . The answers to the questions follow.



What is the difference between loadVariables and load ?


The loadVariables command creates or replaces variables at the same level as the command. The load command creates properties in the LoadVars object.


How many ways are there to send data to the server with a LoadVars object?


There are two primary functions: send and sendAndLoad .


Is there any way to send or load data from another server?


No. At least not while the movie is being run from a Web site. Data and CGI programs must be on the same server for security reasons.


Name three ways to determine when a sendAndLoad command is finished.


You could define an onLoad function, you could test the loaded property of the LoadVars object, or you could test the getBytesLoaded and compare it to the getBytesTotal properties of the object.

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