Basic Repairs that Might Help (and Couldn t Hurt)

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Basic Repairs that Might Help (and Couldn't Hurt)

There are certain simple things to try with a malfunctioning computer that can save a great deal of time if they work:

  • Check for power.

  • Reboot (after removing the floppy).

  • If the computer is locked up, you'll have to turn off the power, wait 30 seconds, and turn it back on. On ATX systems, which have a soft power switch, holding down the power button for at least four seconds will almost always shut the computer off.

  • Boot from a boot floppy.

  • Reinstall or roll back a device driver.

  • Reseat expansion cards.

  • Disconnect and reconnect connections.

  • Clean adapter card contacts with a pencil eraser.

  • Replace the power supply.

  • Run ScanDisk and Defrag.

  • Check Windows Device Manager.

  • Check for a software patch or update, or update hardware's firmware.

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