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Displays a list of programs and processes with their Process ID (PID) for all tasks running on the computer. Useful to compile data for the TASKKILL command.


Type TASKLIST followed by any desired switches.

Switches and Parameters

/fo followed by the type of output desired: Possible output types are TABLE, LIST, and CSV. CSV stands for Comma Separated Value. The default is TABLE.

/m followed by the module name: A module is a program that uses DLL files. DLL stands for Dynamic Link Library. Files with this extension are used by programs, and are often used by more than one program. For example, different card games might all use the same Cards.dll file to provide a deck of cards. If you run TASKLIST with this switch and specify a module, the output will show all the DLL files that could be used for that module. If you use the /m switch without a module name, all modules will be listed. The /m switch is incompatible with the /svc and /v switches.

/svc: Lists complete service information for each process. This switch will work only if the output is set to TABLE, the default (see the /fo switch); /svc is incompatible with the /m and /v switches.

/v: Verbose mode. All information will be displayed; /v is incompatible with the /svc and /m switches.

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