Chapter 22. Threading and Synchronization

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Section 22.0.   Introduction

Section 22.1.   Creating and Starting Threads

Section 22.2.   Pausing and Resuming a Thread

Section 22.3.   Aborting the Execution of a Thread

Section 22.4.   Changing the Priority of a Running Thread

Section 22.5.   Using the ThreadPool to Perform Background Tasks

Section 22.6.   Creating an Application Timer

Section 22.7.   Synchronizing Variable Access Using the Monitor

Section 22.8.   Using Events to Synchronize Threads

Section 22.9.   Using Mutexes to Synchronize Multiple Objects, Avoiding Deadlocks

Section 22.10.   Implementing Interprocess Communication Using a Mutex

Section 22.11.   Synchronizing Resource Access Using Reader/Writer Locks

Section 22.12.   Getting and Setting Thread Data Using Thread Local Storage

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