Installing the SASDK

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To run the samples provided in the next two chapters, you will need to install the SASDK. You will first need to download the SDK from the Microsoft Speech Web site at Installation will require completion of the following steps:


Ensure that you have a minimum of 702 MB of free hard disk space. This will be needed for the contents of the Setup directory.


Double-click SASDK_V1_Full.exe and allow it to extract files to C:\SpeechSDK.


Double-click the SASDK_Extract.exe file to extract additional installation files to C:\SpeechSDK.


Go to a command prompt by clicking Start and Run, type CMD, and then click OK.


Browse to the C:\SpeechSDK directory and type ' SASDK_ExtractAll.cmd C:\SpeechSDK\Setup' This step will create the setup directory and extract all the necessary installation files. This step may take several minutes to execute.


Execute Setup.exe from the newly created C:\SpeechSDK\Setup directory and click Install the Speech Application SDK.


From the Installation Guide dialog box click, Detect and Install Prerequisites. The Prerequisites dialog (see Figure 2.3) will list all the necessary components along with either a checkmark indicating that the component is found or a red x to indicate that the component was not found. Click the red x icon to begin updating your computer.

Figure 2.3. Screenshot of the Prerequisites dialog featured in the SASDK installation wizard. This dialog not only allows users to determine which components are missing from their computer, but provides a link to the installation for the missing component. In this example the wizard indicates that one of the required updates was not found.


Once all the prerequisites have been installed, click Install the Speech Application SDK and follow the wizard steps for a complete install until the SDK installation is finished. The installation will take several minutes to complete.


Click the Check for the latest Service Release link. Requiring an Internet connection, this step will direct the user to the area where all speech-related downloads are located.


Once all the steps have been completed, click Exit to leave the installation wizard.

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