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XML in a Nutshell, 2nd Edition , Elliotte Rusty Harold and W. Scott Means (O'Reilly & Associates)

A comprehensive desktop reference for all things XML.

The XML Bible, 2nd Edition , Elliotte Rusty Harold (Hungry Minds)

A solid introduction to XML that provides a comprehensive overview of the XML landscape.

HTML and XHTML, the Definitive Guide , Chuck Musciano and Bill Kennedy (O'Reilly & Associates)

A timely and comprehensive resource for learning about HTML.

Developing SGML DTDs: From Text to Model to Markup , Eve Maler and Jeanne El Andaloussi (Prentice Hall)

A step-by-step tutorial for designing and implementing DTDs. While this book is about SGML, much of its advice is still excellent for XML.

The SGML Handbook , Charles F. Goldfarb (Oxford University Press)

A complete reference for SGML, including an annotated specification. Like its subject, the book is complex and hefty, so beginners may not find it a good introduction.

Java and XML, 2nd Edition , Brett McLaughlin (O'Reilly & Associates)

A guide to combining XML and Java to build real-world applications.

SAX2 , David Brownell (O'Reilly & Associates)

A complete guide to using the SAX2 API, in Java.

Processing XML with Java , Elliotte Rusty Harold (Addison-Wesley)

A guide to building programs using a variety of Java techniques for processing XML.

XML and Java , Hiroshi Murayama et al. (Addison-Wesley)

Explores many different aspects and APIs of Java processing with XML.

Java XML Data Binding , Brett McLaughlin (O'Reilly & Associates)

A guide to processing XML with data-binding approaches, covering APIs which insulate developers from the XML.

Perl and XML , Erik Ray and Jason McIntosh (O'Reilly & Associates)

A guide to processing XML with a variety of Perl-based approaches.

Python and XML , Christopher A. Jones and Frederick Drake (O'Reilly & Associates)

A guide to processing XML in Python programs.

.NET and XML , Niel Bornstein (O'Reilly & Associates)

A guide to processing XML using the Microsoft .NET API.

Building Oracle XML Applications , Steve Muench (O'Reilly & Associates)

A detailed look at Oracle tools for XML development, and how to combine the power of XML and XSLT with the functionality of the Oracle database.

DocBook: the Definitive Guide , Norman Walsh and Leonard Muellner (O'Reilly & Associates)

DocBook is a popular and flexible markup language for technical documentation, with versions for SGML and XML. This book has an exhaustive, glossary-style format describing every element in detail. It also has lots of practical information for getting started using XML and stylesheets.

XML Schema , Eric van der Vlist (O'Reilly & Associates)

Explores W3C XML Schema in depth, using many examples to illustrate usage.

Definitive XML Schema , Patricia Walmsley (Prentice Hall)

A thorough explanation of the W3C XML Schema specification and usage.

RELAX NG , Eric van der Vlist (O'Reilly & Associates)

A thorough explanation of RELAX NG, including both theory and practice.

Learning XSLT , Mike Fitzgerald (O'Reilly & Associates)

A carefully paced introduction to XSLT development.

Beginning XSLT , Jeni Tennison (Wrox Press)

A tutorial for XSLT, focusing on simple and largely HTML-based examples.

XSLT , Doug Tidwell (O'Reilly & Associates)

A guide to XSLT development, from the basics to advanced features.

XSLT Programmer's Reference, 2nd Edition , Michael Kay (Wrox Press)

A reference guide for XSLT development, including techniques and best practice.

Definitive XSLT , G. Ken Holman (Prentice Hall)

A tutorial and reference for XSLT development.

XSLT and XPath: On the Edge , Jeni Tennsion (M&T Books)

An exploration of advanced XSLT and XPath techniques.

XPath and XPointer , John Simpson (O'Reilly & Associates)

An introduction to the XPath and XPointer specifications for addressing parts of XML documents.

XSL-FO , Dave Pawson (O'Reilly & Associates)

An introduction to XSL Formatting Objects, covering page layout techniques and stylesheet integration.

Definitive XSL-FO , G. Ken Holman (Prentice Hall)

Explores many different aspects and APIs of Java processing with XML.

Understanding XML Web Services , Eric Newcomer (Addison-Wesley)

An introduction to the world of Web Services.

Web Services Essentials , Ethan Cerami (O'Reilly & Associates)

An introduction to the Web Services specifications, including XML-RPC, SOAP 1.1, WSDL, and UDDI.

Web Services and Perl , Paul Kulchenko and Randy Ray (O'Reilly & Associates)

A guide to using web services in a Perl environment.

BEEP: The Definitive Guide , Marshall Rose (O'Reilly & Associates)

A complete guide to the Blocks Extensible Exchange Protocol, an IETF effort built on XML.

Programming Jabber , D.J. Adams (O'Reilly & Associates)

A guide to working with Jabber, an instant messaging program and protocol built on XML.

Learning XML
Learning XML, Second Edition
ISBN: 0596004206
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2003
Pages: 139
Authors: Erik T. Ray

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