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umask command 2nd
uname command 2nd
unarchiving files
     uncompressing while
uncompress command 2nd
uncompressing files
     about 2nd 3rd
     before installing software
     unarchiving while
uniq command 2nd
units utilities 2nd
Unix [See also commands; configuring; utilities.]
     choosing versions of
     common directories in 2nd
     connecting to
     finding software compatible with
     identifying default system shell
     Internet terminology in
     removing files as root user
     responsibilities of root users 2nd 3rd
     shells in
     summary table of flags and commands
     types of access to
untar command
unzip command 2nd
unzipping files 2nd 3rd
Usenet news
     choosing news reader
     main categories for
     reading news
         with pine
         with tin
user and system time
users [See also root users.]
     changing identity with su
     checking userid information
     communicating to other
     file ownership by
     finding out who is logged on
     monitoring 2nd 3rd
     setting aliases for csh
     cal 2nd
     commands and flags for
     expr 2nd
     look 2nd
     lp 2nd
     rsync 2nd
     sudo 2nd
     tidy 2nd
     units 2nd
     watch 2nd
uudecode command 2nd 3rd
uuencode command 2nd

Unix(c) Visual Quickstart Guide
UNIX, Third Edition
ISBN: 0321442458
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2006
Pages: 251

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