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tac command
tail command 2nd
talk command 2nd
tar command
     archiving files with 2nd
     transferring multiple files with
     unarchiving files with
     using gzip with
tcsh shell
tee command 2nd
telnet command
     connections using
     logging in with
     root password security with 2nd
temporary shells
TERM environment variable
terminal settings
text [See also spelling checks.]
     adding and deleting in vi
     cutting and pasting in pico
     finding in files
     looking up words
     searching and replacing with vi
tidy utility 2nd
tilde (~)
     real vs. user and system
     setting with ntpdate
     updating file's date and
time command 2nd 3rd
timing jobs
tin 2nd
touch command 2nd
tr command 2nd
traceroute command 2nd 3rd
trailing space after prompts 2nd
translating case with tr command
troubleshooting [See also performance.]
     ftp connections
     removing files and directories
     software installation
     terminal displays
     traceroute problems with firewalls

Unix(c) Visual Quickstart Guide
UNIX, Third Edition
ISBN: 0321442458
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2006
Pages: 251

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