Chapter 15. Using Handy Utilities

Chapter Contents

  • Using the calendar utility

  • Using the calculator utility

  • Evaluating expressions

  • Converting units

  • Checking spelling interactively

  • Looking up definitions

  • Printing your work

  • Keeping session records

Just when you thought Unix was gets better! Unix gives you a plethora of handy-dandy utilitiessmall programsthat can make your life a bit easier. For example, you might want to use the calendar, calculator, or interactive spellchecker. None of these utilities is likely to be essential to your daytoday Unix doings; however, they are handy to have and use. Ask your system administrator about which utilities you have available or venture to Chapter 1 to explore your system and find out what's there. In this chapter, we'll look at a few of the most useful ones.

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