Reading Email with mutt

Reading Email with mutt

If you're using mutt, you'll probably find that reading email messages is rather straightforward. As Figure 11.10 shows, you just scroll through your list of messages with the and keys and press to open the message you want to read.

Figure 11.10. mutt's main index screen shows many of your options.

Code Listing 11.2. mutt will create a mail directory for you.

[awr@hobbes awr]$ mutt /home/jdoe/Mail does not exist. Create  it? ([yes]/no): 

To read email with mutt:



Type mutt at the shell prompt to start the program. The system might ask you if you want it to create folders for you, as shown in Code Listing 11.2. We say let it do the work for you and enter [yes]. Enter [no] if you don't want folders created. Figure 11.10 shows the main mutt screen.


Use the and keys to move up and down in your list of email messages.

Your unread messages will be at the bottom of the list.


Press to open a message to read.


Press to return to the list of messages (index) or press the to scroll down through the current message.Figure 11.10 shows the menu of commands, which should help you remember some of the basics of mutt.


Press (for quit), then wave goodbye to mutt. You might be prompted with questions to answer (for example, about discarding deleted messages or moving read messages to your read-mail folder). Answer yes only if you'll be using mutt as your primary mailer in the future.


  • You can customize virtually every aspect of mutt but only by editing the ~/.muttrc configuration file. If you think you might like the flexibility of mutt, search the Internet for sample .muttrc files to get an idea of what all you can do with it.

  • You can delete a message by pressing when you're viewing it or when it's selected in the message index screen. When you quit mutt, you'll be asked whether mutt should "Move unread messages to /home/yourid/mbox." At that time, press to keep them in your in-box or to move them.

  • You can reply to messages by pressing with the message selected in the message list or while reading the message.

  • You can access mutt help, such as it is, from most any screen by pressing .

  • You can move to a specific message in the message index by typing the message number.

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