Sending Email with mutt

Sending Email with mutt

Sending messages with mutt is similar to sending messages with pine. Most commonly, you'll compose a message while you're already futzing around in mutt (Figure 11.11).

Figure 11.11. You fill in the message header by answering questions or filling in blanks (Subject:, in this case), and then move on using the e key.

To compose and send a message using mutt:



To begin, type mutt at the shell prompt to start mutt.


Press to start a new message.


Press after entering each bit of information that mutt asks for (see Figure 11.11). Fill in the To: and Subject: lines. (See the sidebar Our Two Cents on the Subject of Subjects earlier in this chapter.)


Say hello to vi.

Huh? After you enter the message header contents (filling in what you want), you'll be plunked right into vi, facing the top of a very blank message. See Chapter 4 for a quick reminder about using vi.


John, I was having this dream that I had my alarm clock installed in my stomach. I remembered this because, when my alarm went off, I found myself pushing my belly button trying to turn off the noise. Good grief...I need a vacation!

Type your message, whatever it may be.


When you're finished, press (to get into command mode).



Then type :wq to save your work and exit the editor.


Press to send the message. If you decide you don't want to share details about your belly button after all, you can press to edit your message or press to quit and forget the whole thing.


  • You can change the default editor from vi to something else available on your Unix system. All you have to do is edit your ~/.mutTRc file (or create one if it doesn't exist) and add set editor="emacs" (or whatever editor) to the file. See Chapter 8 for more information about changing variables.

  • To send a quick message from the shell prompt, type mutt followed by the recipient's email address, as in mutt If you want to send email to multiple addresses, just separate them with commas or spaces, as in mutt,

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