What Is Apache?

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Chapter 23. Creating a Web Server


  • What Is Apache?

  • Understanding Apache Administration

  • Expanding Apache's Capabilities with Modules

  • Interpreting Web Server Log Files

The early Macintosh was never synonymous with "powerful Internet server." Apple's early attempts to create server products never extended far beyond small Macintosh-only niches. As someone charged with pushing early adoption of Internet technologies and services, I typically found myself sitting in front of a Macintosh that was telnetted into a Linux machine.

For the past five years, Apple has made significant strides to position the Macintosh and Mac OS X as an enterprise-class server system. Xserve and Xraid have proven to be strong sellers in a market that hardly noticed Apple in the past. Likewise, the inclusion of powerful industry-standard server platforms has allowed the system to take on roles traditionally dominated by Windows servers.

One of the best examples of this is the Apache web server included in Tiger. Apache, an open source project similar to the Darwin core of Tiger, is a high-speed extensible server supported by thousands of developers around the world. This chapter introduces Apache, its capabilities, extensions, and basic administration.

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