Troubleshooting ISA Server Upgrades

You might run into several common problems when upgrading ISA Server. We outline a few common problems and their solutions here, but be sure to check out the "Additional Resources" appendix for other resources you can use to troubleshoot ISA Server migrations.

For common questions and answers see the ISA Server 2004 FAQ for Installing and Upgrading at

Missing Components

One of the most common issues relates to changes between ISA Server 2000 and ISA Server 2004. You might be missing certain functionality, like Bandwidth Throttling or Windows Media Live Stream Splitting, or you might be missing policy elements you knew before, like destination sets, which are now called URL sets. Your best bet is to read the Migration Guide on your ISA CD, and visit the ISA Support Site at

ISA Server Migration Wizard Command Lines

You might need to export certain items from your ISA server. The ISA Server Migration Tool (located in the Tools folder on your ISA Server CD) can be run from a command line with these behaviors:

  • d:\tools\ISA2KExport.exe without parameters runs the Upgrade UWizard.

  • d:\tools\ISA2KExport.exe [/?] [/q] [/c] [/s] [/p:password] [/r:ipranges] [/m:<mode>]

  • [/a:<array_guid>] /o:filename.xml

  • [/q]:For quiet mode, no message box will be displayed.

  • [/c]:In quiet mode, continue in spite of item that can't be migrated.

  • [/r]:Defines the 3-leg perimeter network.

    • ipranges- x.x.x.x-y.y.y.y,z.z.z.z-w.w.w.w

  • [/p:password]:Password to encrypt confidential information (at least eight characters).

  • [/m:<mode>]:Selects export mode. Available modes: SRV- server settings, PWD-array secure items, VPN- RRAS setting.

  • [/a:<array_guid>]:Sets the array storage name in the XML file. Used only with /m flag.

  • [/o:filename.xml]:Output filename. This requires the extension .xml.


      d:\tools\ISA2KExport.exe /q /c /s /o:file.xml /r: 

Configuration Import Errors

When you import configuration files from other ISA servers, you sometimes receive a cryptic message. More often than not, the problem is that you have a mismatch— you're importing the file at the wrong level. For example, when you try to import a configuration file created by the Migration Wizard on an ISA Server 2000 Enterprise Edition machine into an ISA Server 2004 Enterprise Policy or Array, you receive this message:

Error 0xc00403a4. The exported enterprise XML file does not include data for the importing object. The file cannot be imported into this object. The error occurred on object "Default Policy" of class "Policy" in the scope of enterprise policy "Default Policy".

To resolve the problem, import the file into the enterprise (at the top node of the console tree).

When you migrate settings from the ISA Server 2000 Enterprise Edition, you might also encounter this error message:

Error 0xc0040341 An XML DOM document object that was exported without the fpcExportImportServerSpecific flag set cannot be imported with the fpcExportImportServerSpecific flag set.

This message indicates that you chose the Import Server-Specific Information option in the Import Wizard, but did not export this information from the ISA Server 2000 Enterprise Edition installation. To resolve the issue, re-export the data from the ISA Server 2000 Enterprise Edition machine.

For other references, see the "Additional Resources" appendix.

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