Upgrading From ISA Server 2004 Standard Edition to Enterprise Edition

When you need to move from your ISA Server 2004 Standard Edition environment, you can upgrade to ISA Server Enterprise Edition by following the steps given here. Many of these steps have already been covered in this chapter, and we refer you to the section names.

  1. Export your array information from the ISA Server 2004 Standard Edition computer into an XML file by following these steps:

    1. In the ISA Server Management console, select the ISA Server from which you wish to export configuration information.

    2. In the Task pane, click Export ISA Server Configuration To A File.

    3. In the Export Configuration dialog box, type the name of the file you wish to create in the File Name box, then select the Export User Permission Settings and Export Confidential Information (Encryption Will Be Used) check boxes.

    4. Click Export to create the file. You will see a progress bar, as shown in Figure 5-7. When prompted for a password, create one that has at least eight characters.

    5. Uninstall ISA Server 2004 from the machine through the Add/Remove Programs Wizard. Any service packs you installed are removed when you uninstall ISA Server.


      Be certain to disconnect your ISA server from any networks before uninstalling ISA Server Standard Edition, as you will not be protected in the time between ISA Server Standard Edition removal and ISA Server Enterprise Edition installation.

  2. Install the Configuration Storage Server (CSS) option as described in the section entitled "Upgrading ISA Server Enterprise Edition," earlier in this chapter, with the following exceptions:

    1. When prompted on the Setup Scenarios page, you can select Install Both ISA Server Services And Configuration Storage Server if you are installing this into a new enterprise. If you wish to store the CSS on a separate machine, install the two components separately.

    2. When presented with the Internal Network page, add the IP address ranges from your internal network card.

  3. Import the array information from the configuration file you created in step 1 as described in the section "Importing the Configuration to the ISA Server 2004 Enterprise Edition Computer" earlier in this chapter.

  4. Install the remaining ISA servers into the array.

image from book
Figure 5-7: Export the configuration of an ISA Server 2004 machine before upgrading to Enterprise Edition.

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