Introduction: Hacks 94-100

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Introduction: Hacks #94-100

Were it not for open source software, Knoppix as we know it today would not exist. Almost all of the software on the Knoppix CD, including Klaus's own scripts, uses the GPL or a different OSI-approved license. Because these licenses allow and even encourage the reuse and modification of software, Klaus Knopper was able to piece together software that he wanted to use, and put it on a CD of his own without having to hire an attorney to navigate copyright legalities or pay any licensing fees.

Knoppix itself is an open source project, and, as Chapter 8 shows, many people have taken Knoppix and have further customized it for their own needs. Many Knoppix-based projects have been started simply because someone wanted Knoppix to have an extra piece of software. Other more involved projects have taken the Knoppix base and changed it almost completely. Creating your own customized Knoppix CD isn't that difficult, especially once you get the hang of it. If you have started using Knoppix, but have found that there is a certain piece of software missing that you want or need, this chapter is for you.

Once you start creating your own Knoppix-based distributions, you will discover many more uses for Knoppix than you may have previously thought possible. Many of these uses are of particular interest for a business. As mentioned in [Hack #24] , you could create a custom Knoppix CD that acts as a kiosk for your business. If you are a system administrator who images a lot of systems, you could create your own customized live CD to automate the process. Once the CD boots, it could launch a script you have written that chooses from a series of images stored on a file server and then images the local machine [Hack #48] .

Happy remastering ! Maybe your CD will be the next big Knoppix-based distribution.

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