Section 5.1. Hacks 89100: Introduction

5.1. Hacks 89100: Introduction

The Web is a place where all types of media come out to play. While the Web was originally a text-only media, nowadays it's not uncommon for pages to make use of text, images, sound, and video to display information. Historically, a lot of these features didn't play well with Linux-based browsers, which caused some members of the Linux community to dismiss web-based multimedia, take their ball, and go home. These days even Linux users can be part of the game. Someone browsing the Web with Linux can access most, if not all, the multimedia content on their favorite sites, from movies to PDFs to Flash pages.

This chapter highlights some handy tools Linux has available to use multimedia content on the Web, such as plug-ins that help you watch video inside your browser, manage PDFs, and grab color profiles from web sites. You can also generate and host your own web images with a webcam and image gallery software. Follow the steps in these hacks to get the most from your Web experience.

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Linux Multimedia Hacks
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