Building the Second Background Layer

At this stage, the background behind the text doesn't quite give you the sense of depth you're looking for. You'll use another layer that contains the Ramp effect to complete the illusion:


Duplicate the Bottom Background layer, and press Enter to rename the duplicate layer Top Background.

You'll use this layer as the floor for the text; it will help give the composition more spatial depth.


Select the Top Background layer, press P to reveal its Position property, and set the property to 360, 0.0. (If you chose a different font style or size than we specified for the Text layer, then you may need to adjust the Y value slightly to make the Top Background layer lie right underneath the Text layer's baseline.)

The final position of the background layers

The Ramp effect helps give a sense of space, but the depth is still a little shallow. You can create more depth and dynamism by adding a Drop Shadow effect and then animating the shadow's light source:


Select the Text layer, apply Effect > Perspective > Drop Shadow, and set up the effect's properties as follows:

Opacity: 35%

Direction: 0 x +67

Distance: 33

Softness: 20%


Make sure you're at time 0;00, and add a keyframe to the Drop Shadow effect's Direction property.


Go to time 4;29, and then change the Direction property to 0 x -59.

By animating the effect's Direction, you make the shadow move behind the Text layer as if the light source is panning in front of the text.

The Drop Shadow effect in the comp's last frame

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